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A few files you might need...

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2015 D13 Best Ideas

2014 D13 Spring Conference handout

New Nutrition Standards Information

National PTA Social Media Tip Sheet

Additional Membership Card Request Form

Bylaws Amendment Form

Incoming Officer Submittal Form

Tips for filling an Officer Vacancy

Nominating Committee & Elections Guide

Membership Awards Form

Oak Tree Award Form

Outstanding Local Unit Form & Instructions

Model PTA Form & Instructions

Hearst Family School Partnership Award

Outstanding Principal Nomination Form

Outstanding School Nurse Nomination

B Butler Outstanding Educator Nomination

Community Partnership Award Form

and for the Treasurer...

Money Matters Handbook 2012

Tax Information

Cash Box Protocol

Dues Transmittal Form

IRS 990 Instructions

IRS 990 Tip Sheet

IRS 990 Filing Verification

PTA Audit Information

PTA Audit Review Form

Check Request Form

Cash Verification Form

Visionary Award Form

Best Ideas Award Form

Awards / Reports Cover Transmittal Form

Membership Card print template

Instructions to print on Membership Cards

Membership Card number merge

2015-2016 Leadership Resource Guide

President’s Rountable Notes 2014

Here are the highlights of the awesome presentation by

Colleen Beguiristain - District 13 Exceptional Children’s Committee Chair

Why the need for Exceptional Children’s Committee.pdf

Why PTA needs an

Exceptional Children’s Committee

13 Ways a PTA Can Help a Student with Special Needs.pdf

13 ways a PTA can help a Special Needs Student

Contact Colleen- colbeguiristain@gmail.com for more information


Take the True Colors Personality Test

Learn more about your own personality and your work style... and how to work better with others.

Great bonding activity for all of your Officers!

True Colors Test

True Colors - Full Presentation

Color Results / Descriptions

PTA Insurance Guide

Incoming Officer Training  Notes and Presentations

Welcome & Opening Announcements -  Presentation

President Training - President’s Workshop

Treasurer Training - Presentation

Secretary Training -  Presentation

The Write Stuff

Project Management  - Presentation

   Short Course in Project Management

   Committee Plan of Work